Windows device driver, kernel and system development resources


WHDC - Windows Hardware Developer Central
Home page of WHDC, providing technical information, development and testing kits, and other essential resources for system and device manufacturers, driver developers, and other professionals who create products that run with Windows.

Windows Driver Kit
The Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK) documentation provides information about driver development for the Windows operating system.

OSR Online - The Home Page for Windows Drivers Developers
OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc. The Windows device driver and file systems experts. Articles (NT Insider), tools and newsgroups (NTDEV, WINDBG, NTFSD and NTTALK).

Windows Sysinternals: Documentation, downloads and additional resources
Mark Russinovich's Microsoft Windows Sysinternals: Library, learning resources, downloads, support, and community. Evaluate and find out how to install, deploy, and maintain Windows with Sysinternals utilities.

Microsoft's Channel 9: kernel
Videos about the people building Microsoft Products & Services.


A Hole In My Head
Microsoft's Doron Holan's musings on drivers and other nibbles and bits.

Analyze -v
OSR's Scott Noone's blog about Windows, WinDBG, IDA, and Oxford commas.

Ken Johnson's (aka Skywing) adventures in Windows debugging and reverse engineering.

Microsoft Windows USB Core Team Blog
Microsoft Windows USB Core Team owns the USB core stack in windows that drives the various USB Host controllers and USB hubs found in the Windows PC.

NTDebugging Blog
Microsoft's NTDebugging blog is dedicated to the advanced debugging and troubleshooting of scenarios on Microsoft Windows platforms. It is contributed to by the Microsoft Global Escalation Services team (formerly Critical Problem Resolution (CPR)).

Mark's blog
Mark Russinovich's technical blog covering topics such as Windows troubleshooting, technologies and security.

Newsgroups and forums

OSR Online's ListServer/Forum
Most serious and well moderated forum out there:
- NTDEV - Windows System Software Developers List
- NTFSD - Windows File System Developers List
- WINDBG - Windows Debugger Users List
- NTTALK - Extended Discussions About System Software (particularly Windows)

Windows WDK and Driver Development Forum
Microsoft's Windows Driver Kit and Driver Development forum. It replaces former newsgropus such:
- microsoft.public.development.device.drivers
- microsoft.public.win32.programmer.kernel
- microsoft.public.windbg

Other useful places with documentation, specifications, tools, etc.

Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manuals
Manuals describing the architecture and programming environment of the Intel® 64 and IA-32 processors.

Developer Guides and Manuals | AMD Developer Central
Developer Guides and Manuals: BIOS development, kernel development, AMD64, optimization techniques, etc. - Documents
Home of specifications for USB 2.0, USB 3.0, etc.

Windows Kernel Debugger Booster for Virtual Machines. Documents
Most comprehensive overview of WinDbg commands out there.