Command Output Window Multi-color Highlighting v0.087a (alpha version)

Multi-color Highlighting is part of blwdbgue library - download version 0.087a (see licence)

To highlight all existing and future instances of a given word double click on it.
To clear highlighting double click on a background at the end of any text line.

Multi-word command output highlighting

To highlight word with different color without clearing already highlighted words double click on a word while holding LALT key.

Multi-color highlighting sample

Word grouping highlighting

By default only CPU registers are configured to use group highlighting, so registers that represents different parts of the same register (e.g. RAX, EAX, AX, AH, AL) are highlighted with the same color.
Additional highlighting groups may be added in dynamic_highlighting_groups section of asm_config.hl configuration file.

Multi-color highlighting sample

Hex numbers selection helper

Multi-color highlighting sample

Known limitations
Currently highlighting works only with command output window.
Please contact me if this functionality should be enabled for other WinDbg windows.

System requirements
WinDbg UI Enhancements has been tested with version of WinDBG.
Currently only x86 and x64 host systems are supported. Please contact me if you need IA-64 build.

Installation and configuration
Simply copy blwdbgue.dll and asm_config.hl files from zip file to a destination of your choice. To load the extension run following command in WinDBG/KD: .load path\blwdbgue.dll. You may also want to save your workspace so next time extension will be loaded automatically.
You can use _NT_DEBUGGER_EXTENSION_PATH environment variable to define path that the debugger will search first for extensions DLL files.

To uninstall WinDbg UI Enhancements module the debugger has to be closed and blwdbgue.dll file has to be removed.